About Price

All initial 20min consultations are Free

The following treatments for Reflexology, Deep Tissue Massage, Serenity Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage and Hot Stone Therapy, are charged by time:

30mins £35
45mins £40
60mins £45
90mins £65

Honest advice is given as to the amount of time needed after the consultation.

Regular Reset

3 sessions per year  – pay £11.25 each month for 12 months

6 sessions per year – pay £22.50 each month for 12 months

9 sessions per year – pay £33.75 each month for 12 months

Serenity Health booster including consultation, Bio-resonance health test, 9 page report and 30 min follow-up session £95

Systematic Kinesiology testing and Initial treatment £65
Follow up checks £45

Prepaid Course of 1 Initial treatment and 2 follow up treatments £138 (course to be taken within 6 months)

During treatments especial Kinesiology and hair testing nutrition advice is given with food in mind first.

You may need to either cut down or cut out certain foods in order to feel and function better. It may be necessary to increase certain foods that give you the nutrients your body needs.

In some cases it may be necessary for you to boost certain nutrients by taking supplements. You will be tested to see exactly which ones will work for you and these are charged separately and send directly to you.

Galvanic Facial:  30min Express Spa Age Well Facial £37
60min Spa Age Well Facial with facial massage £47
Why not add 2 20min Face Yoga lessons to your facial £25

Face Yoga 1-1 Consultation individual lesson £40 (includes Wall chart worth £10)
Face Yoga Group Workshop/Party gather together a few friends and learn how to exercise your facial muscles. £30 per person (minimum of 2 people) 5 or more and host is free.