Is this you?

or are you more like this:

My shoulders ache constantly

I don’t move as well as I did

My lower back is so tight

I catch myself grinding my teeth

My head aches

I feel on edge

I shout first and think later

I need more sleep

I cannot eat the things I used to

My tummy feels bloated and sore….but that’s normal, isn’t it?

There is just not enough time in the day

Welcome to Serenity,

where you step out of your hectic life and find out how to feel, function and cope better. For this I use a varied, safe, and non-invasive approach, a wealth of knowledge and a love of forensic mysteries.

As a human being you consist of groups of cells that form into a number of departments. Each department undertakes their activities of monitoring and report the impact back to the management. Your departments are physical, emotional, biochemical and energetic.

If a department is understaffed, under-resourced and not working efficiently service will be slow which will ultimately affect the your wellbeing.

If the a department is constantly working flat out and the workload unmanageable  mistakes are be made and your health will suffer.

To help you and all your departments to be efficient I create a calm and deeply relaxing space to listen compassionately. Then using a variety of methods, extensive knowledge, vast experience and exploiting that love of a forensic mystery, I test for the best solutions, detect what helps and empower you to cope, feel and function better

So Keep Calm and Call Serenity and tackle the real issues


Book a consultation

Together we will make a wellness plan and identify what’s best for you.

Test, detect, balance 

Each treatment will be carefully tested to detect and identify any problems and the balancing begins. 

Regular Reset

Vitally important! To maintain your wellness and to feel, function and cope better with you hectic life.

If you are still not sure why or what you should book, take a look in the What will help YOU section on When to Call

I can provide an invoice for you to claim back treatment costs if you are covered by HealthShield, Westfield Health or other Healthcare providers. Please check your policy and contact me.