Kinesiology and Complementary Healthcare

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Together we make a Complementary Healthcare plan including Kinesiology testing. 

Test, Detect, Balance 

We test for stressors, detect the problems and ease them away with balancing treatments. 

Regular Treatments

 To maintain wellness and feel, function and cope better regular treatments are best. 

Welcome to Serenity

where Kinesiology and Complementary Healthcare is used to discover your stressors. For this we look at structure, biochemistry, emotions and energy. Tailoring regular treatments as unique as you keeps you balanced in a truly holistic way. So, Keep calm and contact Serenity now.

The aim is to feel, function and cope better.

Stressors are discovered at Serenity using Kinesiology muscle response testing. The best techniques are then selected used to ease them. Your complementary healthcare plan will be selected from a range of techniques. For example aromatherapy, ear, foot or lymph drainage reflexology, deep tissue massage, identifying food or chemical intolerances or addressing a nutritional deficiency.

We take a truly complementary healthcare plan using up to date knowledge and a practical approach to care for YOU.

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I am fully qualified, insured and registered and can provide an invoice for you to claim back treatment costs if you are covered by HealthShield, Westfield Health or other Healthcare providers. Please check your policy and contact me.