About You

Whether you are looking to relax, unknot muscles or  need help with sleep, menopause chaos, and digestion or simply want to achieve a better lifestyle, you are in the right place.

Serenity is about providing a space to relax and unwind. Here you will learn to connect with your body. You have the time to improve your physical and mental health. I specialise in cancer recovery, menopause and women’s health. And understand your sleep issues, digestive complaints, weight and hormone challenges. 

In your first session we discover what you need, the challenges you may have and how I can help. 

Hands on therapy is not always  advisable or it may be necessary to adapt treatments for your comfort and safety. There may be other approaches that work better for you. We will discuss this together.

As we work together, making simple changes we will soon have a lifestyle plan that works for you.

Complementary therapies are so named as they complement medical treatments. As such they are not a substitute for a medical diagnosis. You will not be encouraged to stop, reduce or change your prescription drugs or avoid medical treatment without talking to your GP or Consultant first. Instead you will make lifestyle changes that will allow your body to adjust and be the best is can. 

All information provided is kept strictly confidential.