About You

Before you arrive

For all new clients there is a free 20 minute detailed consultation to determine any contra-indications (see below for a general list of these), lifestyle questions and your reason for the visit.

For some contra-indications the treatment plan can be adapted however if you are under the care of another professional/medical practitioner or have any of the following please contact me to discuss the options available prior to your appointment. It may be to mention your intentions to visit me with the other professional to check their thoughts and opinions.

Contra-indications that may prevent your treatment on the day or adapt the treatment or need GP advice but check with me before your appointment.

Here is a list of some common contra-indications:

Skin conditions/disorders
Fungal (tinea corporis, tinea pedis), Bacterial (impetigo, boils), viral (herpes simplex, herpes zoster, warts, verrucae) sunburn
Receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment or being monitored for less than 5 years
Epilepsy / blackouts
Severe bruising/cuts/abrasions in the area to be treatment
Recent operation (within the last 6 months)
If you are pregnant
Under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs

If in doubt please discuss with me

Complementary therapies are so named as they complement medical treatments and as such are not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and treatment. You will not be encouraged to stop, reduce or change your prescription drugs or avoid medical treatment without talking to your GP or Consultant first.

All information provided is kept strictly confidential.