Bio-resonance Health Test

The aims and benefits

This test is 4 in 1 and aims to highlight the factors that are affecting your health. The test includes:

Pathogenic and toxins test looking at possible bacteria, fungus, patristic, virus, chemical, toxic metal and radiation exposure that may be causing imbalance and burdening your body.

Remedies test which identifies the most suitable remedies to help the body deal with those imbalances.

Nutrient test that assesses the amino acid, mineral and vitamin levels in your body and highlights deficiencies.

Food test designed to test for 115 foods that could be compromising your body’s natural efficiency.

By identifying these factors we can then set about improving your quality of life by strengthening the body and making if function better.

This treatment uses non-invasive Body Field Analysis Testing and has been known to have helped many thousands of people improve their health by identifying and helping to eliminate many of the basic underlying imbalances.  Some of those conditions where the homeostatic and immune functions are compromised include:

• Chronic Fatigue
• M.E
• Acne
• Eczema
• Fibromyalgia
• Asthma
• Weight Gain
• Constipation
• Arthritis
• Thyroid Imbalance
• Anxiety
• Depression and more

Get your health and life back on track?

What to expect

At least 3 hairs are removed from the back of your head if possible (discuss for alternatives). The hair needs to be plucked out with the root still attached. The root appears as a small bulb at the end of the hair. These are then placed in to an envelope along with a Serenity consultation form and sent away for analysis.

We will then receive the results along with a 9 page report with plenty of good advice, a free Health Guide with invaluable information and tips on products and foods aimed on helping to balance you pH, boost your nutrient intake and improve your digestive health.

In your personal action plan you will be provided with individual lifestyle and exercise advice along with food sources which helps you to identify and eat more foods containing the key nutrients required for your good health.

This testing is suitable for all ages including children – contact us for family test rates.

Tests, advice and recommendations are not to diagnose or treat and cure illness and you will be advised to seek the advice of a Doctor if necessary but we can help you to improve your energy levels and protect against dis-ease by making changes to your biochemistry and slow the process that leads to illness.