Your Personal Data

How is your Personal Data Collected?

Serenity collects certain of your personal data (which is information relating to you and from which you can be directly or indirectly identified) when you contact me for advice and/or a treatment. This information is provided to you.

What Personal Data do I Collect?

Identity Data includes first name, middle names, last name, or similar identifier, Contact Data includes home address, email address and telephone numbers Individual data includes aftercare advice written and sent to you by email All of the above data is kept in a password-protected file on my computer and never shared with anyone except you. In some cases I have names, addresses and phone numbers on my phone.


When you come for a treatment I collect personal data including medical history, marital status, children status, the reason why you have come, the treatment you receive, the supplements and products you have been recommended and bought, how much you have paid. All of this information is kept in a physical file in a locked cabinet. This information is never shared with anyone except you (the client) and will only be shared with a medical practitioner in an emergency and only with your permission.

In signing your consultation form you will be giving to consent to this data being held by Serenity (new consent forms will be produced in due time) You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time and shredding all confidential physical data and deleting personal contact information will dispose your details.

Data Retention

Serenity will only retain your personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it is collected. The retention period is 7 years from your last visit or correspondence after which all data will be destroyed.

Should you wish your details to be destroyed sooner please contact me in writing be emailing and please be assured you can contact me anytime you need my help or advice.