Deep Tissue Massage

The aims and benefits

To loosen and relax tight muscle and soft tissue created by poor posture repetitive movements, injury or overuse.
Using a firm pressure movement is restored thereby alleviating pain, spasm, creaky joints in an area:

To alleviate radiating or referred pain that may be causing physical or emotional stress
To improve blood circulation
To remove fluid and toxins to allow an area to heal and recover
To improve the efficiency of movement to the body and regular massaging can prevent injuries from occurring

When to have deep tissue massage

If you suffer from a stiff neck, strained shoulder muscles sometimes causing headaches, lower back stiffness and pain, muscles spasm after a fall, operation or accident, overused muscles from training and exercise, correction of posture, aches and pains caused by regular movement at work or home

What should I expect during a treatment?

In this deep massage treatment the therapist may use hands, thumbs, fingers, elbows and knuckles to release muscle and facia tension. Other techniques used where beneficial are passive joint movements, muscle stretching and deep breathing

What combines well with this as a treatment or aftercare?

Reflexology to look at the body as a whole (treatment and homecare)

Aromatherapy essential oils can be blended and used (treatment and homecare)

Nutritional testing and education (treatment and homecare)

Kinesiology for reoccurring problems that will not fix (treatment with homecare)

Hot Stone therapy to warm and relax the muscles (Treatment)

Thermal Auricular Therapy to release ear and sinus congestion (Treatment)

Galvanic Facial to improve the texture and tone of the skin and facial muscles

Galvanic lymph drainage to aid the recovery of inflamed areas (Treatment and homecare)

Face Yoga to alleviate the tension in the jaw and work the muscles of the face. (Treatment and homecare)

Yoga stretches to release soft tissue tension Yoga to identify the causes and diminish the reoccurrence of the problem by improving health (aftercare advice)