Are you Vitamin D deficient?

The fat-soluble Vitamin D is well know to be good for healthy bones and boosting your immune system but did you know that it can also help with muscles, utilize calcium and phosphorous, regulate gene expression of over 2000 genes and regulate hormones.

There are very few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D. These include wild oily fish (the best source), fortified milk and egg yolks. The majority of our supply comes from exposure to the sun – when UVB comes into contact with our bare skin. In winter in the UK the sun becomes too low for this method to take effect. So we rely on our reserves, which usually last up to 3 months.  Therefore by Christmas you are running out, unless you jet off to sunnier places closer to the equator!

There are actually 5 forms of the hormone Vitamin D, however the best and easier form for our bodies to deal with is D3.  In supplement form, K2 is sometimes included as this returns calcium to the bones and teeth.  As we are all different it is best to test which type works well with your body and how much you need.

For a kinesiology check up to see if you have enough Vitamin D Keep Calm and Contact Serenity