Ear Candling

The aims and benefits

Specially made natural ear candles are used to cleanse the ears and Eustachian tubes and equalise the ear pressures. This happens by creating 2 physical actions, firstly a chimney effect that causes a vibration due to the rising air which helps to massage the ear drum loosening ear wax and freeing the sinuses in the process. Secondly the warmth of the candle process locally stimulates the circulation aids the flow and removal of waste by the lymphatic system and wakes up the immune system.

Thermal auricular therapy

When to have thermal auricular therapy?

A great treatment if you have hearing problems due to ear or sinus congestion, frequent flying, swimmers, divers, climbers or activities that involves elevation changes, allergies and snoring.

What should I expect during my treatment?

While lying on one side a lit ear cone is gentle placed into the ear and held until it burns down to a line on the candle. It is then removed and process is repeated to the other ear. Ear candling is safe for small children and we recommend that a teddy or cuddly comforter is bought along. The latest research shows that ear candling does not remove earwax but has a softening effect on it which falls out any time up to 24 hour after the treatment and with more solid earwax 2-3 treatments can be beneficial. The way the candle burns, the amount of smoke and the inside of the candle after the treatment are all indicators of what is going on in the ear and sinuses.

What combines will with this as a treatment or aftercare?

Aromatherapy essential oils can be blended using a pressure point and drainage massage

Reflexology to look at the body as a whole and work on specific zones for ear conditions

Hot Stone therapy to warm and relax the muscles

Indian Head Massage for specific upper back and head problems

Galvanic Facial to improve the texture and tone of the skin and facial muscles and sinuses

Face Yoga to alleviate the tension in the jaw and work the muscles of the face releasing the lymphatic drainage to the sinuses and ear

Kinesiology to identify the allergies and emotions behind the problem