Galvanic Facial

The aims and benefits

For the optimum health and beauty of the skin it has basic needs of cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and night. The skin also has advanced needs to nourish, refine, deep cleanse and address specific problems. As we age this becomes more important. Fatigue and stress can make the skin dull and lifeless so it important to restore the vibrancy by increasing the circulation, removing the build up of impurities and with the help of the galvanic devise deliver 5 x the amount of key ingredients in order to revitalise, restore and rejuvenate.

Along with the galvanic device, gels are used with the latest anti-ageing ingredients by a company with years of genetic research specialising in gene expression (looking at how the environment of genes affect how they communicate with cells and what happens as we age)

Ingredients include:

Pre-treatment gel – marigold extract to comfort and soothe, Sea Kelp to moisturise and condition and Vanilla extract to condition.

Treatment gel – patent ingredient that targets the ultimate sources of ageing, Arginine an amino acid that aids recovery from free-radical stress and magnesium for cellular energy.

This treatment will hydrate your skin leaving it feeling soft, clean and refreshed too.

When to have a galvanic facial?

When you are bothered by puffy eyes, uneven skin tone or texture, have sensitive, sluggish or blemished skin conditions go for either facial. If you suffer from headaches and tend to clench your teeth or jaws then the hour facial includes a massage too. You can also add on a Face Yoga session to tone the muscles and release tension in the face.
Using different gels this treatment can be used on teenage skins to clear congestion

What should I expect during my treatment?

The 30 minutes treatment consists of a galvanic deep cleanse, galvanic rejuvenation treatment, skin analysis with Chinese Face Reading to help determine homecare requirements, spot tone and moisturise.
The 60 minute treatment includes all the above with the addition of exfoliation and/or a mask (if skin type allows) and facial massage (working on shoulders, neck and face and sometimes ears and scalp)
The two types of massage used are either Swedish techniques for skin and muscle stimulation improving the circulation and oil production or pressure point with drainage techniques for deep stimulation without the redness for sensitive or overactive skin types. The massage routine will be adapted and combined to suit particular areas of the skin and muscle.
For maximum benefits it is better to avoid face make up for at least an hour after the treatment (eyes and lips are ok). The Galvanic facial effects are accumulative so although you will see a difference in the tone and texture of your skin immediately for the best ageing well results treatments completed 2-3 times a week at home with your own device can be dramatic. Otherwise you could combine your monthly facial with Face Yoga exercises at home the choice is yours and depends on what you want to achieve.

What combines will with this treatment?

Face Yoga to tone the skin and muscles, release tension and improve the quality of your skin by increasing the circulation.

Aromatherapy essential oils are be used in the products and can be blended individually

Kinesiology to balance the body and work on food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stress and hormonal discrepancies that may be the cause of skin problems and ageing

Skincare analysis adjusting and advising on the correct skincare to use at home. Serenity uses Nuskin products as part of the treatment and can discuss how you can benefit from using these at home to enhance your treatment.