Hot Stone Therapy

The aims and benefits

A variety of different sized heated stones are used in order to relax the muscles without deep tissue work. The heat will warm and relax, improve circulation and removal of toxins and help with stress and anxiety. The welcome ritual will stretch and lubricate joints and loosen stiffness

When to have hot stone therapy

If you need a deep treatment to reduce pain but cannot cope with a deep tissue massage due to pain, if you suffer from rheumatic or arthritic conditions joint stiffness, constipation or any condition that improves with warmth

What should I expect during my treatment?

The treatment starts with a “welcome ritual” using shiatsu stretching techniques followed by a unique massage using hot volcanic stones resulting in a deeply relaxed body and afterwards feeling totally revived. Some stones are placed using towelling pockets to create warmth and start the tissue relaxing before an area is massaged.

What combines will with this treatment?

Reflexology to look at the body as a whole

Indian Head Massage for specific upper back and head problems

Thermal Auricular Therapy to release ear and sinus congestion

Galvanic Facial to improve the texture and tone of the skin and facial muscles

Galvanic lymph drainage

Face Yoga to alleviate the tension in the jaw and work the muscles of the face.

Yoga stretches for relaxation and to release soft tissue tension.