How do you know you are having enough antioxidants to age well?

Antioxidants are important for your health as they will slow down ageing, limit illness and prevent disease by protecting our cells against the oxidation effects of free-radicals But do you know if you have enough antioxidants in your body? Do you like the smoke, like the sun, are under stress or live in a polluted environment? Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables and if you take supplements are they having an effect? Until now there has been now way of knowing!

The link above shows why you need to know and the only way of measuring if you are getting enough antioxidants. It is well documented that low levels of antioxidants will allow free-radicals to run riot. Free-radical damage can lead to serious health concerns and premature ageing.

I will be at the Its Your Life show on 22 November at Rivermead Leisure Centre, Reading Berkshire from 10.00-4.00 with a Biophotonic Scanner shown in Dr Oz’s programme. If you would like to find out your score book in with me or come along.

It is easy, non invasive and totally painless and will be the most important health test you have this year.

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