How it works

As a mother and business owner I can identify with the challenges of trying to be everything to all the significant people in your life.  You need to keep going, yes but you also need to be at your best and put yourself first to enjoy all the good things life throws at you!


  • If your life is so full you sometimes don’t have time to think
  • If you are heading for burnout but can’t stop
  • If you have difficulties sleeping
  • If your shoulders or your lower back ache constantly
  • If you catch yourself grinding your teeth or have headaches like there is a tight band around your head
  • If you shout first and think or feel guilty later
  • If you cannot seem to eat the things you used to
  • If your tummy feels bloated and sore

Then this is for you! Simply Keep Calm and Call Serenity

    Jo Hayns sunflowerBook an appointment

    Lets see exactly what you need. Together we will make a health and wellness plan for the next 12 months.

    Jo Hayns sunflowerSet up a D/D

    Spread the payments and make it easy

    Jo Hayns sunflowerVisit Serenity

    Choose either 3, 6, 9 individually tailored treatments over the next 12 months (Or what works best for you) You choose when you want to come by booking and hour with me. Together we craft a session from Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Kinesiology or a combination of these wonderful treatments.

    My current clients tell me that Regular Reset sessions lower their stress levels enabling them to cope better on an emotional, physical, nutritional and energetic level.

    Jo Hayns sunflowerLive life to the full

    Cope better,  think clearer,  make better and more considered decisions and feel refreshed and energetic.