How much carbohydrate should you have ?

Calculate your carbohydrate intake

Activity level g carbohydrate/kg body weight
Light (less than 1 hour per day) 4-5
Light-moderate (1hour per day) 5-6
Moderate (1-2 hours per day) 6-7
Moderate-heavy (2-4 hours per day) 7-8
Heavy (+4 hours per day) 8-10

1. How many kg do you weight? ________________________________ (e.g. 60kg)

2. How active are you? __________________________________ (e.g. Moderate 5-6)

3. Multiple your weight by your activity = ________________________
(e.g. 60 x 5-6 = 300-360g carbohydrate per day)

So that equates to?
388g long-grain brown rice

1.5kg Potatoes, boiled,
cooked in skin, flesh, without salt

or 3kg 30g mixed vegetables including
carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers,
cabbage and new potatoes

Get your Carbs from a mixture of vegetables and not just the starchy ones

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