How to cope multi-tasking a busy life

My Story
Loosing my Dad was one of the most devastating events of my life. When a parent falls ill you feel many emotions from spending as much time as you can with them for as long as you have left, to trying to help them as well as running your own life / work / family or all of the above. It is already a busy life and difficult to cope. Dealing with hospital appointments, organizing care and making sure they are comfortable can be a full time job in itself.
When the phone rings your brain goes through a checklist:where is everyone, who do you need to tell and what do you need to put in place to drop everything and run. Or what do you need to put in place so they can cope and you can carry on. That’s all before you pick up the phone!
The level of stress can be so immense that simple day to day decisions seem the most complicated choices to make and you can spend hours thinking but not actually achieving anything. Added to all this if you are also going through the chaos of menopause, holding it together is like trying to walk in a straight line on board a boat in a storm.
Your Story
Family comes first, of course but with the demands of the different generations, your home-life and work it can be impossible to keep it all going at the standard you want and the things that ultimately suffer are your health, your fun, your priorities and your thinking time to find solutions.
The solution
Having a place to go away from everything, where you can unwind, check up how well your digestion is working and how well it is breaking down and absorbing nutrients is vital. When you are in high alert your body uses certain biochemicals more quickly and develops sensitivities to products and foods. At times there may be need a boost for some vitamins and minerals. Muscle testing is the ideal way to find this out so that you are taking only what is essential in the right dose at the right time.
I understand this stressful time of having loved ones to look after as well as work to contend with, and the struggle it can be opening up to friends and family. So I work with people who benefit from regular treatments that stop the stress from building up, where they can take a pause in a very busy life, press the reset button and enjoy the mental capacity to make the right decisions.

Take care of yourself so you can properly take care of others and enjoy making memories.