Join me for the Sleep Well Workshop

Do you find it difficult to switch off and fall asleep?

Do you wake up in the early hours?

Do you wake to go to the toilet?

Do you wake from overheating in the night?

Do you lie awake for hours?

Do you toss and turn?

Do you sleep lightly and restlessly?

Do you worry at night?

Do children wake you?

Do you wake feeling tired?

Do you snore?

Do you cramp or have restless legs?

Do you work irregular hours?

If you answered YES to any of these question this is for you
Join me for the Sleep Well Workshop

During the 2-hour workshop you will learn:
Why sleep is important,
What the common problems and tips on how to
address them
Treatments and products that can help What foods to eat and drinks to consume
Price includes:
Practical tips to take away and use at home like devising your own sleep plan, TMJ rubbing, face yoga, bag of goodies to try and a detailed a fact sheet.
Dates: October 8th 7-9pm or  October 12th 10-12 More dates will be added as necessary
Price £25 per person or
bring a friend at £40 for 2
Numbers limited per session of 6 people so contact me to book now