I have been a complementary therapist for 35 years and taught for 20. In that time I have observed that while some clients improve with physical treatments others do not. This has led me to question why. I expect to see improvements that last longer each time if not we are only treating the compensation and not the cause. Systematic Kinesiology takes all the guesswork out of this.

The body has its own language that talks to us all the time if only we just listened and took action!

We are all made up of the following 4 elements: Emotional, Chemical, Physical and Electrical. These are all interlinked. At times one or more of these elements maybe out of balance and require Kinesiology treatment. In this way sessions are preventative as well as treating what is needed.

Through out a session of kinesiology we can identify what the body needs working on so that the time is spent to maximum benefit. We can also make sure that the supplements you take, if any, are actually the right one’s for you taking out all the guesswork.

In every session of Kinesiology we treat by checking and correcting the following aspects by making sure they are balanced and working efficiently:


It is well researched that having a positive mental attitude is a powerful tool when is comes to keeping healthy. In a session the emotional balance is looked at in order to alleviate the stresses and strains of life. The effects of these can be surprising but clearing them can have an amazing affect on your future health. Treating may include Bach flower remedies and techniques such as Tapping and Emotional Stress Relief (ESR)


Your individual chemical balance will affect your physical and emotional health. We all have our own set of foods and drinks that put a strain on our digestion in terms of its ability to function physically and also the amount of nutrients it can absorb. So food testing to identify the foods and drinks that you need and those you do not is an important part of Kinesiology. Sometimes this means that supplements are required for the long or short term but these are also tested to make sure that you have what your body wants in the formulation it can work with.


This includes looking at joint and muscle condition, effective breathing, efficient lymphatic system, nourishing sleep patterns and injury avoidance. Although kinesiology was developed by a chiropractor in the 1960’s there is no manipulation in a Systematic Kinesiology treatment instead we use lymphatic massage and holding neuro-vascular points to alleviate pain and tension. I may also use reflexology or suggest deep tissue massage.


We are all affected by the subtle energies of other people and the world around us. By restoring balance using acupressure and checking the body’s meridians and holding the interchange points we can keep this disruption to a minimum and restore strength.


Depending on what is highlighted in the session it is important that small changes are made to lifestyle in order to speed up and maintain the effects of the treatment. This may include eliminating certain foods for a period of time, taking supplements while you add foods to your diet, rubbing certain lymphatic points or your jaw, yoga stretches, breathing exercises etc. or it may be that you need a different professional to sort out something else first. Advice is given with honesty and sincerity but you ultimately have responsibility and choice over your own health and well-being. If supplements are a requirement I will always check those you are currently on before recommending others.

Before a kinesiology session

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy meaning that it is safe to use alongside medication and/or treatment prescribed by a healthcare professional. It is not an alternative to medical intervention and if you have an existing health issue for which you are currently undergoing treatment please check with me at the time of booking. In some cases it may be important for you to inform your doctor.
Otherwise, it is always useful to bring along your supplements, a list of any medication and any suspicious food you think may be causing bloating, tiredness, skin complains, anxiety or aches and pains.
Foods can be frozen until the time of your treatment but must be wrapped in plastic, paper or glass not metal for testing.

What happens in a treatment?

Systematic Kinesiology is the ultimate Holistic therapy treating the whole person. It is gentle and non-invasive.
The treatment involves lying fully-clothed on a therapy couch going through a series of muscle tests and addressing each issue as necessary. The muscle test is a Kinesiologist’s basic tool to access a biofeedback mechanism in order to gain information. It is not testing strength but whether a muscle has all it needs to fire up. In Systematic Kinesiology we often look at a variety of muscles in order to treat the cause and not the symptoms.

Frequency of treatments

Everyone is different but usually 2 – 6 treatments are necessary depending on the severity of the condition and how long you have had them. Then it is down to you how speedy you are comfortable to go in unraveling the layers of what is going on but there is no pressure. There may also be some lifestyle changes, which can help to speed up the recovery process and may cut down the number of treatments necessary.