About Price

Health and Wellness Audit – a consultation either via zoom or face to face for all new clients or those wanting a review and wishing to understand your body better. In this session we will identify what bothers you and establish the best self-care and treatments for you.  £40 (30 mins)

Treatment sessions can be one therapy or a fusion of Reflexology (foot, ear, lymph drainage and face), Deep Tissue Massage, Serenity Aromatherapy, Health and Wellness Coaching or Systematic Kinesiology

£45 (45 mins) for those who relax quickly or want to concentrate on 1-2 areas

£50 (60 mins) for follow up sessions and monthly treatments

£70 (90 mins) for deep relaxation treatments, full body massage and fusion sessions

Honest advice is given as to the amount of time needed after a health audit and as we discover what works best for you.

All nutrition advice is usually given with food in mind first. For this you may need to either cut down or cut out some foods or increase others to feel and function better. 

In some cases, it may be necessary to boost certain nutrients by taking supplements. You will be tested to see exactly which ones will work for you. These are charged separately and send directly to you. 

Serenity Face Yoga Club Online  

For £25 per person per month you will have 7-day access to each weekly class. You can join the live recording each week of wait for the link to come through by email.

For a 1-1 programme made just for you includes a 30min consultation, a 30min lesson and a link to the recording with unlimited time for you to do the class daily. In your session we can include techniques to reduce headaches, jaw clenching, hormone balancing, improve your sleep, feel more relaxed and less stressed and work on toning your muscles and improving your skin. £80