The aims and benefits

Believed to be a healing method used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks and rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in 1800’s whist working as a Christian minister in Japan. Using the healing energies around all of use Reiki involves working with chakra (energy centres) in order to deeply relax and balance our physical, energetic and emotional bodies. Rei means universal and ki means energy or life force in Japanese philosophy (seen as chi in Chinese texts, Prana in Sanskrit and Mana in Hawaiian)

When to have a Reiki treatment?

If you are in need of deep relaxation, to get rid of past experiences, want a treatment where clothes are not removed or you where stress has become entwined with emotions and are causing physical discomfort and something has to change.

What should I expect during my treatment?

A full treatment involves lying on the massage couch with clothes on while hands are held over the main chakras, organs and glands of the body. Each position receives 3-5 minutes before moving on and during this time you may feel nothing, warmth, tingling or sometimes colours. If appropriate you may also be asked to think about a positive statement called an affirmation or hold a colour or object in your mind although this will only be for the first few minutes as most people fall asleep.

What combines well with this treatment?

Aromatherapy essential oils can be blended and used

Reflexology to look at the body as a whole

Stress Management coaching and Talking therapies

Deep Tissue Massage may be necessary to work on soft tissue imbalances

Hot Stone therapy to place under the towels warm and relax the muscles during the treatment

Indian Head Massage for specific upper back and head problems

Thermal Auricular Therapy to release ear and sinus congestion

Galvanic Facial to improve the texture and tone of the skin and facial muscles