Traditional Aromatherapy

The aims and benefits

A traditional aromatherapy treatment where the essential oils are allowed to work and the massage used a hypnotic rhythmical massage that is deeply relaxing.

In this state, mind and body can use the individually blended oils to their maximise benefit.
The massage can be beneficial with or without the oils as it soothes the nervous system and allow the body to repair either physically or emotionally
A true aromatherapy treatment is like a relaxing 2 week holiday in 90 minutes!

When to have an aromatherapy

If you suffer from emotional conditions, stress, poor sleeping patterns, tension headaches, hormonal imbalance conditions, poor circulation, poor fluid drainage, low immune system, depression, fatigue, digestive disorders

What to expect during a treatment

A blend of oils is made up to work on your particular requirements and is applied to the following areas: head and scalp, back and arms, legs and feet, abdomen and face. If for some reason a particular area is not required then more will be spent on the other areas. It is expected that during the treatment you will become so relaxed that you fall asleep so talking advised while you use your time effectively.

What combines well with this treatment?

The essential oils can be blended and used with all of the other physical therapies to enhance their benefits
Reflexology is incorporated with in the full treatment

Reiki to enhance relaxation, help deal with emotional changes and balance the body

Kinesiology to test for essential oils, to treat emotions and check on deficiencies

Deep Tissue Massage may be necessary to work on soft tissue imbalances

Indian Head Massage for specific upper back and head problems

Thermal Auricular Therapy to release ear and sinus congestion

Galvanic Facial to improve the texture and tone of the skin and facial muscles

Face yoga to alleviate the tension in the jaw and work the muscles of the face.

Yoga stretches for relaxation and to release soft tissue tension.