When to Call

A quick guide showing when to

Keep  Calm and Call Serenity.  

There are many ways improve your health and wellness and these are just a few.

If there is something missing from the list do get in touch. An honest opinion is always given.


Remember: Just because its good for you does not mean its Good for YOU!

Don't guess, TEST

And...... Complementary therapies aim to give your body the tools and nutrients to work more efficiently for you.

This means looking at you holistically (physical, emotional, chemical and energetic)


Need relaxation and balance

Feeling stressed and anxious

Keep feeling under the weather

You have intense pain

Need to sleep well

Feeling generally sluggish

Gentle detox

Feeling low

Deep Tissue or Holistic Massage

Tightness & restricted movement

Immune system needs a boost

Desk or Physical worker

Very active

Injured yourself

Wake up in pain

Get headaches

Prevent injury 


Stressed or Anxious

You don’t feel you

Need a holiday/break

Need to relaxation but have not got the time

Are caring for others

Not sleeping well

Feeling emotionally tired

Feeling Constipated


A reflexology technique

Shown to help with lymphedema

Inflammatory bowel conditions

  Muscle tension and joint pain

Migraines and headaches

Constant face/sinus pain

Skin conditions


Autoimmune condition sufferer

Blend Therapy

When you have issues from more than one category we can mix the different therapies together

 This is a quick guide so for further information

Keep Calm and Contact Serenity


07831 796 761


Test, detect and balance

Lingering pain and other issues

When you suspect you are sensitive to foods or products

Think you are deficient in something?

Confused by what's good for YOU

Bowel movement is more or less than every day

Feel bloated after a meal

Not feeling yourself

Regular Reset

Maintain your wellness

Boost your immune system

Recover and refresh physically and emotionally

Understand yourself better

Release the tension

Live your best life

Make time for you

Put yourself first

Need to carry on

Primal Reflex Kinesiology Testing


Poor posture

Difficulties with handwriting

Difficulty with left and right (directions)

Easily distracted

Messy eater

Sensitive to clothing

Difficulty with sports and catching a ball